The Book of Life is a division of Lifebook, a religious corporation incorporated in California. It is our goal to create an interactive, facebook-like, one-stop shop for Christians all over the world, with links to, among other things, the bible, churches, Christian organizations, podcasts and Christian books, movies and music.

We were created to honor and glorify God and fulfill the purpose He has for our lives. Ever since Adam and Eve stumbled in the garden, we have lived in a fallen world. But God’s word provides the answer: God’s son Jesus died for our sins and (Spoiler alert) we win in the end.

While it is great to have friends, the bible refers to believers in Christ as brothers and sisters. And while many of us seek to be members in various organizations, Paul referred to the early Christians as saints. And so we will call you brothers and sisters, instead of friends, and saints, instead of members.

Countless people have translated, interpreted and preached the 66 books of the bible. Some of it is tedious and parts are hard to understand. But we believe the bible is the word of God and that it can transform our lives. We believe it can be summarized in three words and this summary forms the mission statement of The Book of Life.

Surrender. Go. Serve.

We hope in some small way that this site helps you realize the purpose God has for your life, helps you draw closer to God, contributes to your growth as a Christian and is used as a vehicle to serve others and bring them to Christ. We ask for your help and comments so that we can continuously improve.

Make sure that your name and the names of your loved ones are written in the book of life.

Jim Hester
CEO and Founder, Lifebook

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